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Written by Hector - N1TKK   
Tuesday, 09 December 2008 00:42

Status - Tentative


This is an intermediate update for tonight class.

Prediction are based on a Full Flight estimated burst at 92,000 Ft

NOTE: Is questionable and too early to know if we are going to have a FULL flight or Control Cut, KEEP AN EYE OUT FOR UPDATES HERE 




Forecast based on GFS  is looking tricky we don't have ideal conditions, the highest winds are 71MPH at 40k ft and over 30MPH between 30K and 55K ft.Overall trajectory is to the South-East.


As of this writing all weather related criteria are Tentative


Full Flight:

  • Launch at UPR Rio Piedras around
  • burst around 92k' around T+84 min near Yabucoa
  • Landing in water, Between east coast of PR and Vieques Island T+101 min
  • Flight time of 140 minutes (2 hr 20 min)

Control Cut Flight:

  • Launch at UPR Rio Piedras around
  • burst around 50k' around T+55 min near El Yunque
  • Landing in El Yunque around T+94 min
  • Flight time of 82 minutes (1 hr 22 min)


No part of the ascent flight will be inside of the flight path of San Juan International Airport (SJU).  It will be between Route 12 and Route 9

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