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Written by Hector - N1TKK   
Tuesday, 19 May 2009 21:41


The Saturday May 23 flight has been postponed until May 30, Predictions will start on May 24

 Prediction are based on a Full Flight estimated burst at 86,000 Ft



Forecast based on GFS, these forecast and model have not change much in the past weeks. We don't have ideal conditions for flight recovery, the highest winds are 30MPH+ between 30K and 50K ft.Overall trajectory is to the East. The current wind profile is average 15-25MPH winds to the north up to around 10k ft. because of this, all control cut flight will land somewhere north of between San Juan and Loiza 5 - 9 miles out to sea.


Full Flight:

  • Launch at UPR Rio Piedras around
  • burst around 86k' around T+95 min 2.7 miles north of Luquillo
  • Landing in water, 6 miles north of Fajardo T+130 min
  • Flight time of 130 minutes (2 hr 10 min)

Control Cut Flight:

  • Launch at UPR Rio Piedras
  • Any burst from 10k - 50k ft will land out at sea passed our 2 miles sea recovery criteria


  Parts of the ascent flight will be inside of the inbound flight path of San Juan International Airport (SJU).  It will cross bouth Route 12 and Route 9

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Written by Hector - N1TKK   
Friday, 12 December 2008 18:57

PRSGC-9 - Dec 12, 2008 (Flight 9) Fri 3 PM Update

The Saturday Dec 13 flight has been postponed, new launch day TBA
All models show winds in excess of 60+ MPH with a very small margin for recovery window with a  control cut.  Maximum flight altitude was going to be between 35k-40k ft and if we missed this window the landing was expected to be either at El Yunque or out to sea.  With this low altitude flight our main objective in this flight were not going to be meet.


The following prediction information was left for reference only.


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